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Willem Dafoe: A Prince Among Character Actors

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“As you get older, you suffer fools less easily. That’s why there’s all those cranky character actors. I’m an exception. I’m a sweetheart.” Willem Dafoe on taking direction [AV Club]

“I usually feel like, ‘No matter how many girdles you put me in, you will not be able to zip this.’ They always say to you as though it’s something that should make you happy, ‘This is fresh from the runway.’ But what I think is, ‘That was made for some 14-year-old girl from Russia! It was not made to go on my body.’” —Jennifer Garner on dressing for award shows [Marie Claire via Yahoo]

“We went outside and we just smoked for 45 minutes, shitty menthol cigarettes — I didn’t want him to know that I didn’t like his cigarettes, so I just kept smoking … I definitely have a man crush on Kevin Smith.” —Reaper star Tyler Labine on meeting his idol, show director Smith [Buzz Sugar]

“There’s no difference between working with Starbucks and working with record labels like Universal and Geffen. It’s a knee-jerk reaction from PC watchdogs. I mean, really, which long-distance company do you use for your cellphone? Are you on the grid? If you’re off the grid, I’ll listen to you.” Thurston Moore, defending Sonic Youth’s decision to sell albums at Starbucks [Boston Globe]

“That would be The 40-Year Old Virgin talking doll. You press a button and it says things like ‘Kelly Clarkson’ or ‘Her breasts felt like bags of sand.’ There’s a loop of different quips.” Steve Carell discusses his action figure [New Weekly]
—Elizabeth Black

Willem Dafoe: A Prince Among Character Actors