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Your Afternoon Soaps Will Never Forget

Courtesy of ABC

One benefit of working at home while your mother-in-law is visiting is that you get to watch All My Children every day. On today’s Very Special Episode, a lot of things happened:

• Ryan revealed to Greenlee that he has a team of private investigators trailing her every move and will continue to do so until she leaves Pine Valley forever!

• Kendall tearfully tried on earplugs to see what life will be like for her deaf infant son, Spike!

• New Fusion model Ava got filmed having sex on the beach and may be pregnant!

• Oh, and of course Tad and a bunch of teenagers assembled in a coffee shop to talk about where they were on 9/11, and a single tear welled up in Tad’s eye as he told his story. Right now, the All My Children writing staff is slapping each other on the back and saying, “Nice one.”

Your Afternoon Soaps Will Never Forget