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Zac Efron Grows Up Fast

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Burr Steers Efron in 17: Igby Goes Down director Burr Steers will direct someone named “Zac Efron” in 17. “Efron” will play an adult who magically becomes a high schooler again in this New Line comedy. As soon as we at Vulture acquire some hard information about this “Efron” person, we will post it immediately, as our readers totally deserve to be informed. [HR]

Miramax to Release Absurdly Prestigious Film: See if you can spot the joke in this item! Miramax acquires the rights to City of God helmer Fernando Meirelles’s currently shooting feature Blindness, adapted by The Drowsy Chaperone’s Don McKellar from the novel by Nobel laureate Jose Saramago, starring Julianne Moore, Mark Ruffalo, Danny Glover, Gael García Bernal, and David Spade. [Variety]

What Is Led Zeppelin Up To?: The date “11-13-07” is mysteriously posted without explanation on, leading to rampant fan speculation. Is it the start date of the long-rumored Led Zeppelin reunion tour? Is it the release date of their two-disc retrospective Mothership? Particularly annoyed by the band’s ambiguous use of a date is the monster from Cloverfield, who announced in a separate statement that he’s coming for Led Zeppelin. [Billboard]

ThinkFilm Snaps Up Hunt Debut: ThinkFilm will release Helen Hunt’s directorial debut Then She Found Me, an adaptation of the 1991 Elinor Lipman novel co-starring Bette Midler. ThinkFilm execs acknowledge that their chief marketing challenge lies in reminding people who Helen Hunt and Bette Midler even are. [Variety]

Rodale Buys New Gore Book: Rodale Books plans to publish The Path to Survival, Al Gore’s follow-up to An Inconvenient Truth, in spring 2008. Rodale plans a first printing of 500,000, a striking increase from 80,000 for Inconvenient Truth, citing an uptick in the number of people who want to survive. [PW]

Norris to Get Dangereuses: Festen director Rufus Norris is set to helm a spring 2008 Broadway revival of Les Liaisons Dangereuses, Choderlos De Laclos’s tale of seduction and intrigue, most famously adapted as the 1988 film Dangerous Liaisons. While no casting has been announced, we’re kinda wondering about that “Efron” guy up in the first item. Might he be qualified to portray … a Master of Seduction? [Playbill]

Zac Efron Grows Up Fast