Five Unreleased Radiohead Songs We Wish They’d Release!

1. “Big Boots”
In this clip from the tour documentary Meeting People Is Easy, Radiohead attempt several arrangements of a grim track in which Thom Yorke announces that if he were to “bake you a cake made out of their eyes,” it would be “a nasty surprise.” Also, it would make for a terrible episode of Top Chef.

2. “Lift”
On this Bends-era space ballad, Thom makes being stuck in an elevator sound as gorgeous as it is inconvenient.

3. “Big Ideas (Don’t Get Any)”
Retitled “Nude,” this track will appear on In Rainbows, but with a radically different, Krautrock-y arrangement. We like the original version better.

4. “Nobody Does It Better” (Carly Simon cover)
Yorke has called this song from the 1977 James Bond film, The Spy Who Loved Me, “the sexiest song ever written.” And it is, even when he sings it!

5. “True Love Waits”
This was on their 2001 live EP I Might Be Wrong, but it’s the prettiest song about potato chips we’ve ever heard, so it’d be a shame if they didn’t give it a proper studio treatment.

Five Unreleased Radiohead Songs We Wish They’d Release!