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Alice Cooper Simply Can’t Get Enough of Howie Mandel

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Deal or No Deal has become a religious experience at my house. My son, my mom, my daughter… everything stops when Deal or No Deal comes on. I never knew Howie Mandel meant so much to my family.” Alice Cooper [TV Guide]

“When I was very very young, living in Paris, penniless, unable to get any kind of working permit … I had a friend who worked in what is called the Milieu, which is that world and she suggested to me one night, ‘Look, you’ll be my meck’ … We would translate it perhaps … as pimp.” —Inside the Actor’s Studio’s James Lipton explains the gap in his résumé [Contact Music]

“Prince wanted me to do Purple Rain years ago. He flew me out there and he’s changing my name, and for some reason, I backed out of that. He goes, ‘I think I’m going to call you Gheena.’ I said, ‘Gheena Gershon?’ And he said: ‘No. Just Gheena.’ At that moment I knew this was going to be weird.” Gina Gershon on why she declined Prince’s offer to be a backup singer [Starpulse]

“They made the beard out of yak hair because it’s curly, I guess … but they wouldn’t tell me that. They told me it was made out of human hair, from some Eastern European prostitute’s hair. It was the worst because … it would fall out and, if you were eating, you’d get little pieces of yak hair in your food. It’s like yak DNA and no one tells you where the yak hair comes from on the yak.” —30 Days of Night star Josh Hartnett on the beard-wig he wore for the film [Starpulse]

“We have a lovely relationship. I write him six-page e-mails about my political rage, and he writes back, and cares too.” Renée Zellweger discusses her pen pal George Clooney [Reader’s Digest via People]
—Elizabeth Black

Alice Cooper Simply Can’t Get Enough of Howie Mandel