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Anthony Hopkins Fondly Recalls Working With Ryan Gosling on Something

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“Ryan Gosling. He was a good kid, good actor. I like him very much. What was the name of the movie? I’ve forgotten it. Fracture.” Anthony Hopkins on his memorable co-stars and forgettable film titles [NYP]

“It’s a one-night stand. I’m taking emotional condoms.” Robert Plant on the one-show-only Led Zeppelin reunion [NYT]

“I brought Juliette [Binoche] to L.A. and put her in a room with Steve [Carell], and it wasn’t a screen test, I didn’t do a screen test for the studio. All I did was that I passed out lyrics to ‘Endless Love’ and I had them sing karaoke with each other, and in that little moment of them singing together within seconds after they’d met, it became evident that they were going to be magical together. ” —Dan in Real Life director Peter Hedges discusses his casting process for the film [Coming Soon]

“On the first two records that I made, I think a lot of ‘60s references were made, in the context of those records. With this record, I suddenly start hearing that it’s the ‘70s. So the next record will be my ‘80s record, and then the ‘90s record, when I get into my Gin Blossoms/Blind Melon phase.” Devendra Banhart prepares himself for “Hey Jealousy” levels of fame [Pitchfork]

“You know, I had to sign a pregnancy waiver to get into the Avalon last night. I was actually really annoyed. I mean, what do they do if someone comes in in a wheelchair. Make them sign a wheelchair waiver? They must have had some kind of lawsuit. Maybe they were scared I was going to trip acid or something, then turn out to have a deformed child.” —Pregnant CMJ performer and Mates of State member Kori Hammel [Black Book]
—Elizabeth Black

Anthony Hopkins Fondly Recalls Working With Ryan Gosling on Something