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Ben Silverman to Produce Wildly Inaccurate Kurt Cobain Biopic

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Nirvana fan Nikki Finke over at Deadline Hollywood Daily is up in arms today about Universal’s forthcoming Kurt Cobain biopic, which will be executive-produced by Courtney Love and her attorney Howard Weitzman and based on Charles Cross’s controversial biography Heavier Than Heaven (a book many consider to be Courtney’s side of the story). Finke calls it a “minefield of a biopic,” which will be “crucified by critics, audiences, and Nirvana fans just by involving Courtney, who owns her dead hubbie’s life rights.”

But, as Variety reports, the movie has bigger problems than just Love: Also producing the film is NBC wunderkind Ben Silverman — and if you thought Courtney’s version of events was skewed, just wait till you see his! The script isn’t finished yet, so we can only speculate, but we predict that, instead of rock musicians from bleak Seattle, Cobain, Dave Grohl, and Krist Novoselic will be three wisecracking salesmen at a Scranton, Pennsylvania, paper company. Love will play the secretary with a secret crush on Kurt. Also, the film will be called Without Breasts There Is No Grunge Music.

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Ben Silverman to Produce Wildly Inaccurate Kurt Cobain Biopic