Blow, Winds, and Crack Your Cheeks in Our New Comments Section

You may have noticed something new on all of New York Magazine’s blogs today: Each post now has its own comments section! Readers must register to comment, but registration is quick and easy — we know, because we did it in like twenty seconds last night before we left our first comment, insulting Rovzar’s musical taste.

Of course, we ask everyone to keep it civil. We have supreme moderation authority around here and won’t hesitate to ban trolls, flamers, and out-and-out jerkwads. We want commenting to be fun for everyone. Also: people, it is time to give up on emoticons.

So please, readers, comment away! Are we crazy for liking Cavemen? Do you think Purple Rain is overrated? Is the Charles Schulz biography the best book you’ve read in years? Are you looking forward to Where the Wild Things Are? Do you believe M.I.A. to be M.I.Awesome? Do you have a tip, a joke, a compliment? Do you want to express your admiration, your ambivalence, or your outright disappointment in us? Let us know! We’re eager for the day when we can stop writing lists and just propose list subjects, letting our loyal commenters fill in the blanks.

Have at it!

Blow, Winds, and Crack Your Cheeks in Our New Comments Section