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Carrie Underwood Must Take Issue With Your Amazon.com Customer Review

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“On Top 40 stations, nobody cares that you’ll have Fergie next to 50 Cent. They’re different. Why can’t you have me next to somebody that’s more traditional country? You can call me ‘not country’ until your face is blue, but I sing country music.” Carrie Underwood on the annoying Amazon.com Customer Reviews that claim she’s not country enough [EW]

“Forget winning an Oscar, I’d be more proud of an award for dog handling.” Helen Mirren on acting with her corgi co-stars in The Queen [PR Inside]

“The Pitchfork phenomenon in particular is bizarre because it seems to have altered the fundamental way in which people get into music. I really do think that people should probably lose their virginity before they start writing reviews for Pitchfork. You should keep things in order in your life before you become an éminence grise — you should do some drugs and fall in love, and then start judging people.” —Torquil Campbell of the band Stars on his least favorite music Website [AV Club]

“I would tell my kid and her cousins bedtime stories. Sometimes I would want to get back to the grown-ups and have a drink, so I would say something like, ‘And they were driving down the road and that’s it. Story over.’ They would always scream, ‘Wait a minute! That’s no ending!’ Apparently that need for finality exists in human beings.” —Sopranos creator David Chase discusses the people who are still upset at the ambiguity of the show’s finale [EW]

“Don’t give the zombies pot, because then they’ll get stoned and that’ll make them even hungrier … I’m going to be doing that idea.” —Director Eli Roth, whose upcoming horror movie involves munchie-craving evil dead [MTV]
—Elizabeth Black

Carrie Underwood Must Take Issue With Your Amazon.com Customer Review