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Casey Affleck Interviewed by Moron

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“Someone asked me to describe my character’s relationship to Jesse Jackson. They’re a little confused. ” Casey Affleck, who plays Robert Ford in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford on the annoyances of doing nonstop publicity for the film [USAT]

“I remember last year we were having dinner and I made the mistake of saying I had to go home soon because we’re shooting x, y and z. And he got cross with me, because I had told him what I was shooting, just not thinking about it, and obviously gave away a piece of the plot.” —24’s Kiefer Sutherland, whose father, Donald, loves the show and hates spoilers [Starpulse]

“My one conversation with Bill was, ‘We have this thing you could do if you want to come to India. It’s kind of a cameo. It’s actually more of a symbol.’ I think he was interested in being a symbol. Wes Anderson on casting Bill Murray in The Darjeeling Limited [MTV]

“I don’t look or act anything like me, so people don’t even know I’m in it. I tell people that I’m in it, and they’re like ‘Oh, that’s one of my favorite movies. Who’d you play?’ And they still can’t figure it out. It happens a lot. I wish more people did know I was in it, then maybe I’d get some more movie offers.” Judah Friedlander on his role as Toby Radloff in American Splendor [A.V. Club]

“Usually, when you are enjoying the erotic elements of a movie, you are relaxed. It’s very intense here. I don’t think anyone enjoys it. I almost feel like apologizing to the audience!” Ang Lee on the sex scenes in Lust, Caution [TONY]
—Elizabeth Black

Casey Affleck Interviewed by Moron