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‘Cavemen’ Actually Pretty Good!

Courtesy of ABC

Well, here’s a sentence we didn’t expect to be writing this morning: We watched last night’s Cavemen premiere and liked it! Against insurmountable odds, it was actually very funny, and we laughed way more than we ever expected (mostly when one Cro-Magnon warns his human-dating compatriot to “keep your penis in your genus” — but several other times too!). In a season of new shows supposedly aimed at geeks, Cavemen seems to be the only one that understands what real-life contemporary geekdom is all about. The characters joke about Wikipedia and social networking! They play Nintendo Wii! But they’re also sophisticated and have refined tastes; they drink soy milk and hate James Blunt!

Sure, it’s got its problems — Julie White was underused, the ending felt abrupt, and the actors are a little difficult to tell apart since they all look pretty much the same (exactly like Val Kilmer) — but it’s by no means the abominable failure that some were predicting. Sadly, this means it probably now stands an even greater chance of being canceled.

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‘Cavemen’ Actually Pretty Good!