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‘Cavemen’ Receives First Non-Vulture Critical Acclaim

Courtesy of ABC

With a Metascore languishing in the mid-teens, and no reviews (apart from ours) giving it a passing grade, Cavemen faces an uphill battle with critics, to say the least. But today, another brave person not employed by Vulture has admitted to liking the show, sort of! Ain’t It Cool News’ Hercules raves: “Tonight’s episode of Cavemen, titled ‘The Cavewoman,’ made me laugh aloud a number of times!” Could this be what it takes to turn the tide? A tipping point?

In tonight’s episode, according to a plot synopsis from ABC, the cavemen “fall under the spell of the deliciousness of Fruitberry, a frozen yogurt shop. Though Nick is wary of falling for a fad, he can’t help but fall for the hot cavewoman who works at the shop.” They’re doing a Pinkberry episode! And if it’s anywhere near as funny as the Nintendo Wii episode, we predict that a third critic will profess a tolerance of the show by the end of this week.

Hercules Says CAVEMEN No Longer Worst Thing Ever!! [AICN]

‘Cavemen’ Receives First Non-Vulture Critical Acclaim