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Cheryl Hines to Direct Adrienne Shelly’s Final Screenplay

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We frequently get annoyed about the posthumous releases of archived material put out by the estates of artists like Tupac, Kurt Cobain, and Livia Soprano. Hell, even Raymond Carver is getting his short stories published for like the eleventh time — in The New Yorker, no less. But finally, there’s a posthumous release happening that we feel happy about … well, happy and sad at the same time. Variety reports that Cheryl Hines will direct the final screenplay completed by actress turned filmmaker Adrienne Shelly, Serious Moonlight.

Hines starred with Shelly in the bittersweet comedy Waitress, which came out this spring after Shelly’s tragic murder last year, and she was so perfectly attuned to that script’s combination of sentiment and spikiness that we feel pretty okay about her directing this one. According to Variety, the screenplay, which Shelly finished before her death, is about a high-powered attorney who finds out her husband is considering leaving her and so binds him to the toilet with duct tape.

We really liked Waitress quite a bit, and we’re glad to hear that everyone who worked on that movie is so devoted to Shelly’s memory. The “Awww” quote from the Variety story comes from Andy Ostroy, Shelly’s husband and a producer on Moonlight: “I tried to put together a team that was part of the Waitress family to re-create the vibe and the success of that film and honor Adrienne.” Also Awww: His film company is called All For A Films.

Hines Gets ‘Serious’ [Variety]

Cheryl Hines to Direct Adrienne Shelly’s Final Screenplay