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Claymates Rejoice: Clay Aiken Heads for Broadway

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Spamalot’s Feat of Clay: In possibly the canniest casting move ever, Spamalot will add Clay Aiken as bold Sir Robin starting in January. Tween girls should start lining up right … about … now. [Playbill]

You Don’t Bring Me Crack Anymore? The world’s two most responsible pop stars, Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty, have recorded a duet. This is what is known in meteorological parlance as “a perfect storm.” [NME]

Helen Mirren Fights Back: Worried she might lose her crown as Vulture’s go-to elder badass, Helen Mirren stars in sultry YouTube tribute videos. [Idolator]

Fellini or NYU?: Optimism-inspiring Heath Ledger quote from Premiere’s on-set profile of I’m Not There: “The crew are working 20-hour days, and they don’t complain, and afterward they all meet up in the camera truck for an extra hour to drink beer and watch the dailies, because they’re so blown away with what he’s doing. They’re saying, ‘Fellini’s been resurrected.’” Pessimism-inspiring Heath Ledger quote: “It’s feeling like the world’s most expensive student film, in the most beautiful possible way.” [Premiere]

Apatow Joins FunnyOrDie: Judd Apatow signs on to Will Ferrell and Adam McKay’s Perhaps he can coax Pearl McKay out of retirement! [Variety, related video on]

Claymates Rejoice: Clay Aiken Heads for Broadway