Condon Comes Alive!

Photo: Billy Tompkins / Retna

1. Beirut, KEXP session
Zach Condon and band play songs from their new album, The Flying Cup Club, live in a studio (which hardly qualifies as live, but whatever). [KEXP]

2. LCD Soundsystem, No Love Lost (Joy Division cover)
James Murphy covers an early JD track that they recorded before they started sounding like Interpol. [Beeb Blog]

3. Arcade Fire, “Poupée de Cire, Poupée de Son” (France Gall cover)
Régine Chassagne sings lead on this cover of a France Gall single written by Serge Gainsbourg (best remembered for this hilarious YouTube clip). [Beeb Blog]

4. Kid Rock, “All Summer Long”
Is it a Beach Boys cover? We don’t know: We couldn’t bring ourselves to listen to it. [VietMusic]

5. Nellie McKay, “John John” (live)
This rare track never made it onto one of her albums, though we’re not sure why. [Music Slut]

Condon Comes Alive!