Entertainment Labor Update: Things Finally Happen!

This photo is a metaphor.Photo: Getty Images

Hold on to your hats, folks, because in the topsy-turvy world of entertainment labor unrest, today’s news is about as exciting as it gets: On the left coast, the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers may have just averted a strike by the Writers Guild by withdrawing a proposal that would allow them to withhold residual payments (!) to writers until they recouped the cost of a movie or television show.

And in local news, Mayor Bloomberg offered to mediate labor talks between Broadway producers and stagehands, but the president of the stagehands’ union Local 1 said no. A lot is at stake here, people! If the stagehands strike, Clay Aiken could have to move his own props and scenery!

AMPTP Makes Concession in Contract Talks [UPI]

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Entertainment Labor Update: Things Finally Happen!