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Eva Mendes Horrified by Sight of Own Breast

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“I have instructed all of my family that they must show up 15 minutes late. That’s it. I told them. Thank God it’s the first scene. I told my dad. I said, ‘Dad, Poppy you cannot be there on time. Nobody can.’ It’s a tough one. I understand. It premiered in Cannes and I’m sitting there in the audience and I was like, ‘Oh my God, no that’s me. Oh my God, oh my God. That’s me. That’s my boob, that’s my boob.’” Eva Mendes, who is embarrassed by her sex scene at the beginning of We Own the Night [Coming Soon]

“Now I realize who we’re talking about here. I didn’t recognize the nonprofessional name, so to speak.” Judge Helen Bendix, who is presiding over the civil case that Calvin Broadus, a.k.a. Snoop Dogg, brought against Priority Records [E Online]

“At first, I was very nervous I had to act for two people [at an early reading of the script], but I couldn’t stop staring at her. She was so fascinating and had this great face. She was just beautiful.” Ryan Gosling on his latest co-star, Bianca the Lifelike Sex Toy, in the upcoming Lars and the Real Girl [NYDN]

“I’m glad I didn’t say I had diarrhea.” —Sex and the City co-star Evan Handler, who made news when he revealed that his chronic hiccupping interrupted the film production [NYP]

“That song is about being drunk in an underground Italian club and getting a blow job from some nameless model. And going down on her as the sun comes up.” Adam Duritz on the new Counting Crows song “1492.” Happy Columbus Day! [Rolling Stone]
—Elizabeth Black

Eva Mendes Horrified by Sight of Own Breast