Fall TV Deathwatch: ‘Cavemen’ Almost Extinct, ‘Journeyman’ Gets a Reprieve

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In our new installment of the Fall-TV Deathwatch, we mourn Nashville, which Fox has pulled from its schedule after only two episodes. Plus, we grant a reprieve to NBC’s Journeyman — not because its ratings were so fantastic, but because we just learned that it’s NBC’s second-most-expensive new show for advertisers; according to Adweek, 30-second spots on Journeyman are running $165,000. Seriously? For that Audrey Niffenegger ripoff? Well, any show that’s making its network that much cash seems like it might stick around a little.

On the other hand, ABC can only get advertisers to pay $100,000 for 30-second spots on Cavemen, which still seems a little high to us, considering the sitcom’s new pilot is apparently so putrid the network isn’t even sending it to critics. However, Cavemen’s doing even better in ad dollars than the Jerry O’Connell sitcom Carpoolers, which — along with those terrible ads — is enough to get Carpoolers added to our Deathwatch, after the jump.

1. Cavemen
Yes, Nick Kroll is a nice guy. Nevertheless, when competing executives are openly mocking your show, you’re in trouble.
Predicted date of cancellation: 10/15
Movement: -43 days

2. Carpoolers
$90,000 per ad? Jerry O’Connell? So long.
Predicted date of cancellation: 10/15
Movement: Deathwatch debut!

3. Big Shots
Sex and the City for men = ratings death.
Predicted date of cancellation: 10/25
Movement: None

4. Viva Laughlin
It hadn’t really dawned on us before that this show also has Melanie Griffith in it. We think that’ll buy Viva Laughlin a second episode before cancellation.
Predicted date of cancellation: 10/29
Movement: +7 days

5. Moonlight
This premiered Friday, and we’d bet money that tomorrow’s ratings will be as brutal as the reviews were.
Predicted date of cancellation: 11/1
Movement: Deathwatch debut!

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Fall TV Deathwatch: ‘Cavemen’ Almost Extinct, ‘Journeyman’ Gets a Reprieve