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‘Fortune’ Profiles the Happy Little Worker Bees at CAA

Courtesy of CAA

The best part of Fortune’s long profile of CAA, which paints the super-agency as some kind of scary-ass hive mind where information spreads instantaneously and all the agents are Jedi masters:

Every Monday morning more than 100 agents gather around an enormous custom-made marble table to hear their marching orders. The men wear dark suits, colorful ties, and shiny black shoes. The few women present are clad in similar dark pantsuits — conservative but not boring. The questions from the head of the table begin.

The best part of Deadline Hollywood blogger Nikki Finke’s delightfully over-the-top reaction to the profile:

Newsstand vendors need to group the latest Fortune magazine with Hustler, Big Butt and Juggs. Because, just as I predicted, the business publication has given CAA a whore-worthy blow job.

A Hollywood Agency With Star Power [Fortune]

‘Fortune’ Profiles the Happy Little Worker Bees at CAA