‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Mean People Suck

Grey’s Anatomy

The Heart of the Matter
Season 4 Episode 4
“Are you sure you don’t want more Advil?”

This week Meredith’s voice-of-God-over tells us that people make mistakes, hurting each other. (Next week’s theme: Viewers enjoy a show’s first season, then get sucked in for the ensuing lameness.) So which patients and doctors make mistakes and get hurt? All of them!

Callie gets: A 28-year-old whose ankle snapped because she lost, like, 1,000 pounds in six months. Her boyfriend’s also there — he told her they could move in together when she reached a size 4. It’s not clear whether Callie gets angry on behalf of the patient, or if she’s just insecure working with skeletors like Meredith and Christina.
What it means: George’s sleeping with Izzie has brought Callie to a bad place. “You destroyed the person you loved!” she screams at the patient’s boyfriend, almost destroying her career in the process.
The outcome: Our skinny lady dies after her stomach starts bleeding from too much Advil. Is the moral to not let your boyfriend control your life? Maybe it’s don’t reach for that Advil, even if a soapy show is giving you a headache.

Chief gets: His niece, who’s still dying of cancer (even after the interns threw her that super-sweet prom last season!). She doesn’t want any more treatment; her mom and Chief’s wife are pushing for more radiation.
What it means: Chief must deal with his impulses as her uncle versus his duty as her doctor.
The outcome: She forgoes treatment. Chief’s wife is furious that he once again puts his life as a doctor ahead of his role as a family man. This story line is actually sad, so we’re not going to make fun of it. We hope she lives!

Christina gets: A young football player and his Bull Meechum–like father, who yells at his son even though he’s paralyzed. Christina in turn yells at Lexie, who’s helping out.
What it means: Christina must teach, not yell, even though Lexie’s annoying and almost messes up the surgery.
The outcome: It’s unclear whether the patient remains paralyzed, but his scary father makes up with him. Christina helps Lexie through a procedure, and they’re both the better for it.

And oh, yeah, there’s a side plot about Izzie and Callie almost fighting. They don’t, but Callie does call Izzie a “traitorous bitch,” which is awesome. Next week: No-Face returns, and she and Alex get it on. But we already knew that … thanks, TV Guide! —Emma Rosenblum

‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Mean People Suck