‘Grey’s Anatomy’: No Hospital for Old Men

Grey’s Anatomy

Let the Truth Sting
Season 4 Episode 3
“Sure, he gave you insight into your most private personal dealings, but how much did he fart?”

This week’s theme was “truth,” which Meredith informs us can be quite painful. And conveniently, each patient’s problem reflects painful truth for a doctor. Surprising? Not on this show!

Alex gets: A mom with a teenage son she’s convinced is on drugs. Alex has a new intern, an old man, that he’s shy about telling to shut up. Old Man Intern screws up Alex’s diagnosis of the teen, who, it turns out, isn’t on drugs but has a brain problem instead.
What it means: Alex finally puts Old Man Intern in his place and saves the teen by sticking a big needle into his eye.
The outcome: Alex learns to be a better teacher (though someone needs to educate him on how heinous that goatee is).

Izzie gets: Remember the old comatose guy whose room the interns used to eat lunch in last year? Neither did we, until he woke up and told Izzie that he doesn’t think George is going to leave his wife. (Apparently he absorbed all of last season’s gossip.) He also says that if a person really wants to do something (like die, in his case), he or she will do it.
What it means: Izzie remains convinced that if she really wants something enough (read George), she will get it.
The outcome: Old Man Patient dies. Izzie conducts a sort of funeral over his empty bed; Alex recalls how “he didn’t fart too much.”

George gets: An annoying woman who has cancer of the tongue and may lose her ability to speak. George encourages her to express her feelings while she still has the chance. She tells one friend that the friend has bad breath.
What it means: George must speak now and tell Callie that he loves Izzie! (Every patient of George’s somehow convinces him to tell Callie it’s over.)
The outcome: The woman retains her ability to speak; George finally tells Callie that he slept with Izzie.
Bonus round, Chief and McSteamy: The two “old dogs” try a radical new surgery on the woman to prove they still have what it takes.
The outcome: The surgery is successful, but barely. Chief should really spend more time with his wife — he’s not getting any younger.

Next week: We see a flirtation between Meredith’s sister and McDreamy. They’ll probably get a patient who’s flirting with his wife’s sister or something. Can’t wait! —Emma Rosenblum

‘Grey’s Anatomy’: No Hospital for Old Men