Hollywood Labor Update: Writers Strike Probably Going to Happen

This photo is a metaphor.Photo: AFP/Getty Images

Having triumphantly overcome a potentially industry-crippling chair shortage late last week, the Writers Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers will now get down to the business of actually trying to hammer out an agreement and avert a writers strike before the October 31 deadline. Well, they will when they get back from their three-day weekend, at least.

Negotiations will resume tomorrow and be overseen by a federal mediator, reports Deadline Hollywood Daily. But with only two days to go before the WGA’s contract expires, a solution, at this point, seems unlikely. Says a guild member: “They’re banking on the WGA not having the stomach for a strike and believe that writers will work without a contract while they take their sweet time hammering out yet another shitty deal.” In other words, the strike is pretty much a sure thing.

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Hollywood Labor Update: Writers Strike Probably Going to Happen