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How the Hell Did Diddy Get Involved With the Spice Girls Reunion?

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There are several rather bewildering things reported in this Daily Star item about the Spice Girls reunion tour — they will be traveling in a “flying palace” known as Spice Force One, the shows have all sold out, and all of the Girls are somehow still in their early thirties — but nothing is more surprising than the fact that other famous people are actually willing to be associated with this ridiculous spectacle. Last week the fading pop starlets drafted the Italian designer Roberto Cavalli to design their outfits for the shows, and now they’ve managed to get Diddy, a man who has apparently been “designing bullet-proof buses with maximum bling,” to provide them with a fleet of luxury buses.

It’s unclear whether the Girls stipulated that all of their transportation be impervious to gunfire or if this is simply a default precaution offered by someone whose best friend was murdered in a drive-by shooting, but it is somewhat baffling that the hip-hop impresario would throw his support behind a British girl group with whom he has absolutely nothing in common. Well, aside from being responsible for a string of omnipresent pop smashes in the late nineties, being entirely unable to score additional hits in the ‘00s, and clinging desperately to fame by sidelining their music careers and becoming full-time celebrities.

Okay, never mind. This actually makes perfect sense. —Matthew Perpetua

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How the Hell Did Diddy Get Involved With the Spice Girls Reunion?