In Case You Hadn’t Heard, There’s This Band Called Radiohead…

Clearly this photo was not taken by Jonny Greenwood.Photo: Andrew Future / Retna

1. Radiohead, “Bodysnatchers” (Live)
The best band in the world has a new album coming out in a week that will inevitably be a disappointment, but for now, we can all be hot with anticipation with the help of this live cut from one of last year’s Madison Square Garden shows. [Dead Flowers]

2. Ravens & Chimes, “General Lafayette! You Are Not Alone”
NYU has produced a lot of disasters (including the author of this column and one of your Vulture editors!), but they’ve certainly got the market cornered on wistful songs about streets around campus. [3 Hive]

3. LL Cool J, “New York Gangstas”
Why is it that as soon as rappers realize they are washed up, they declare themselves the King of New York (see Rhymes, Busta)? [Nah Right]

4. Black Francis, “Lolita”
Charles Thompson has reclaimed the Black Francis moniker he used when with the Pixies, but his new stuff has the same noisy twang as his best solo work from the past decade. Plus: harmonica solo! [Fuel Friends]

5. Pete Rock feat. Jim Jones & Max B, “We Roll”
Pete Rock is about due for a renaissance — or at the very least, a handful of royalty checks from Kanye West. [Sit Down Stand Up]
—Kyle Anderson

In Case You Hadn’t Heard, There’s This Band Called Radiohead…