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‘In Rainbows’: Your Afternoon Radiohead News Roundup

Having just made at least $10,000, Thom Yorke picks out real estate on the moon.Courtesy of Radiohead

Still Need It? Radiohead’s official Website has been down all morning, and as expected, In Rainbows has been banned from popular BitTorrent site OiNK due to the subpar quality of the MP3s. But even-more-popular-BitTorrent-site Pirate Bay apparently has no qualms.

Reviews: You can read the world’s first In Rainbows review here. Or here. Or here. Or here, here, and here. Sadly, Pitchfork will need until next week to decide whether to award it a 10.0 or a 9.9.

$$$! Radiohead’s manager can’t say how much people have paid for the album so far, but Billboard reports that “thousands” of people have downloaded it so far. Also, that “unofficial sources” indicate that most people paid $10 for the album. Translation: Radiohead’s new album is already at least as profitable as a first-place finish on America’s Funniest Videos. [Billboard]

Got You Covered: Since the MP3s of In Rainbows didn’t come with any art, some kindly Photoshop expert at the Stranger has made an album cover, which we kind of hope the band uses. [The Stranger via Idolator]

‘In Rainbows’: Your Afternoon Radiohead News Roundup