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Jimmy Kimmel Loves America! And, to a Lesser Extent, Canada!

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“It will be difficult, but that’s how committed I am to entertaining America. And parts of Canada.” Jimmy Kimmel, who plans to guest-host Live With Regis and Kelly every day next week in New York and fly back to L.A. every night to host his own show [Lifeline Live/USAT]

“It has the same sort of countryside, rolling hills, you know, small kind of civilized communities of people that all know one another. I mean, when [I] first went there, it was just like those sitcoms you see where people come in the kitchen unannounced, you know?” Eric Clapton on why he has a home in Columbus, Ohio [PR Inside]

“[She] was like, ‘This is what you’ve always wanted. If you’re going to flirt with fame, don’t be surprised if it turns around and wants to have sex with you.’” —Musician and Once star Glen Hansard whose girlfriend and co-star Marketa Irglova, breaks down fame for him [Guardian]

“When you think about it, The Lovely Bones was a freakish success and I am a freak and I wrote the next book [The Almost Moon] as the freak that I am.” —Author and superfreak Alice Sebold [NYDN]

“It sucks. But what the hell — it’s only a title. I’d rather have a sucky title and a good show rather than vice versa.” David Duchovny on the title of his show Californication [NYDN]
—Elizabeth Black

Jimmy Kimmel Loves America! And, to a Lesser Extent, Canada!