Kanye West Says Music Should Be Free

Photo: WireImage

1. Kanye West, The Graduate
Calm down, music pirates — OiNK may be gone, but Kanye West is still giving away this excellent 28-track mixtape on his official blog. [Kanye’s blog]

2. Wu-Tang Clan, “Take It Back”
Here’s the new Wu-Tang single. It’s boring until Ghostface’s verse. [Nah Right]

3. Spice Girls, “Headline (Friendship Never Ends)”
Here’s the new Spice Girls single. It’s boring all the way through. [YouTube via Idolator]

4. The Verve, The Thaw Sessions
Richard Ashcroft and band are back and doing what they do best — playing one chord for fifteen minutes! [NME]

5. Freeway feat. Lil Wayne, “Step Back”
Freeway and Wayne make clear their opinion on haters. (They don’t like them.) [Nah Right]

Kanye West Says Music Should Be Free