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Kurt Russell Eats Punks Like You for Breakfast

“And then I killed a guy. Is that a stunt?”Photo: AFP/Getty Images

“It depends what you call a stunt. In Tango and Cash, the first thing I had to do was run through a glass window, fall onto a car, roll off the car, get up and chase the guy as a car goes by at 60 mph. To me, that’s a stunt. Then there’s driving fast and spinning cars. I never considered that stuff stuntwork. I consider that driving.” —Kurt Russell on whether he does his own stunts [Moviehole]

“Acting is a game. It’s fun — no more than that. Whenever I hear people talking about their ‘art’ or ‘the profession’ it makes me want to throw up.” —Robert Duvall [PR Inside]

“Oh, my god, the freakin’ paparazzi on every location we’re at is unbelievable. I mean, it’s really sad, because when I come to the Law & Order set, no one really cares.” —Chris Noth on the Sex and the City movie [TV Guide]

“It’s probably not going to be 100 percent in the same way it was before. But in some ways I’m 120 percent better than I was before. My wife has even said I was kind of a jerk sometimes, and now I’m not.” —Correspondent Bob Woodruff on returning to work after being injured in Iraq [NYT]

“I reckon Martin Scorsese is sitting somewhere in an office in New York and he sees [the title] American Gangster and he’s like, ‘Fuck! And I went with Casino?’” —Russell Crowe [EW]

Kurt Russell Eats Punks Like You for Breakfast