Lil Wayne Wants to Stand Next to Your Fire

Photo: WireImage

1. Lil Wayne feat. Twista, “Burn This City”
Given the wildfires currently ravaging Southern California, Wayne probably could’ve picked a more tasteful Franz Ferdinand song to sample, though certainly not a better one. [Da Mixed Boy]

2. Arcade Fire, “Still Ill” (Smiths cover)
Earth’s whitest band miraculously finds a way to sound even whiter. [Stereogum]

3. The Hives, covers medley
The high-spirited Swedes cover Outkast and the White Stripes, which is great since it prevents them from playing any of their own new material. [Music Slut]

4. Jenny Lewis feat. Jonathan Rice, “Little Boxes (Weeds theme)”
The adorable Rilo Kiley singer does an adorable version of TV’s most adorable theme song. [Music Slut]

5. The Redwalls, “Summer Romance”
Like the Beatles? If so, you’ll have something in common with this Chicago quartet. [MPR]

Lil Wayne Wants to Stand Next to Your Fire