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Jane Alexander, Rising Sex Symbol

Courtesy of HBO

Is the sex in Tell Me You Love Me hot, or not, the Los Angeles Times asks, using the HBO show’s oft-uncomfortable onscreen ugly bumpings to ask whether Hollywood is now into unpleasant sex scenes. (Answer: Only if they let Quentin Tarantino make his sex movie!) We have nothing against this line of questioning in general, but we do think it’s sort of curious that the article appears shortly after the hottest episode of Tell Me You Love Me yet — the first one in which all the sex scenes were sexy and peaceable and generally enjoyable all around.

It should come as no surprise that one of the two couplings occurred between the show’s two oldest and most stable characters, with — as recapper Adam Sternbergh so memorably put it — “May Foster astride her husband like a bronco buster on a mechanical bull.” Has Jane Alexander replaced Helen Mirren as Vulture’s sexy sexagenarian of choice? Maybe so!

The Sex in ‘Tell Me You Love Me’: Hot, or Not? [LAT]

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Jane Alexander, Rising Sex Symbol