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Michael Douglas Mortified to Be Mistaken for the President of a Record Company

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“My children loved it, and my wife thought I looked like the Unabomber. So she was happy to see it go, and then in between, it was a great disguise. You put on a pair of sunglasses and a hat, and you get mistaken for Rick Rubin.” Michael Douglas on the bushy beard he grew for his role in King of California [A.V. Club]

“I would just think it was funny to do, say, a repetitive song about the Daves I know. Or whatever. So I tried it. I couldn’t explain what’s funny about it. How can you discuss the absurd? And it takes the fun out of it. That was the best thing about Kids in the Hall I would say, ‘I want to do a thing with a drum machine where I dance and then stop. And then maybe, I don’t know, start up again.’ And someone would say, ‘We better get you a drum machine.’” Bruce McCullough, who prefers not to have to explain his comedy [EW]

“A lot of musicians have said they’re fans. I’ve been more surprised by some actors who have said they were fans. Who’s that nutty Australian actor guy who’s really great? Russell Crowe! Him. He’s a wonderful actor and said he was a fan and David Caruso said he was a big fan too, which threw me.” Deborah Harry discusses her eclectic mix of celebrity fans [Metro U.K.]

“I was a sociopath who killed my babies and collected sperm. I drugged the men with roofies and got the sperm with a cow prod. Which I swear to god is a true storyline … though I think there might have been a little bit of leniency on that one.” —Actress Estella Warren on her guest role on Law & Order: SVU [TV Guide]

“I think that’s what won them over in the audition. I’ve heard him described as a cross between a game-show host and a used-car salesman because of the smile.” —Reaper’s resident devil, Ray Wise, whose creepy smile won him the part [USAT]
—Elizabeth Black

Michael Douglas Mortified to Be Mistaken for the President of a Record Company