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Antonio Banderas and Morgan Freeman Crack the ‘Code’

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Freeman, Banderas Steal Rocks: Morgan Freeman and Antonio Banderas co-star in Code, a Mimi Leder–directed thriller about two jewel thieves. We’re gonna go out on a limb and say that Banderas will be the sexy one and Freeman will be the folksy one. [HR]

Keener Backs Soloist: Hollywood’s ongoing quest to criminally underuse Catherine Keener continues, as Keener joins Dreamworks’ The Soloist, starring Jamie Foxx as a schizophrenic street musician and Robert Downey Jr. as the reporter who discovers him. Keener will play Downey’s wife, quite possibly in her sleep. [Variety]

Last Chance Harvey Fills Out Cast: Richard Schiff, Kathy Baker, James Brolin, and Eileen Atkins join Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson in Last Chance Harvey, a romantic drama about a jingle-writer (Hoffman) who finds love with a bureaucrat (Thompson). You know your movie’s unsexy when Richard Schiff is your hottest, hunkiest young actor. [HR]

The-Dream Declares Shawty to Be a Ten: Singer-songwriter The-Dream, who wrote the Rihanna hit “Umbrella,” releases “Shawty Is a Ten,” the first single off his upcoming solo album. “Shawty” will be followed by “Falsetto,” described by The-Dream as a “song you play when you’re making love to your girl after you’re done dancing to ‘Shawty Is a Ten’ at the club.” The-Dream’s third single, titled “You Know What? I Completely Forgot I Have a 7 A.M. Doctor’s Appointment. I Gotta Go,” will hit stores the following morning. [Billboard]

Leighton Brings the Love to Hallmark: Melrose Place’s Laura Leighton will star in the Hallmark Channel original movie Daniel’s Daughter, described as a story about “how the bonds of love and family can stand the test of time” … until evil sister Sydney shows up, steals the wedding dress, and blackmails the groom! [HR]

Barrymore Presents Nostalgia Act: Broadway’s Ethel Barrymore Theater becomes a concert venue as Duran Duran premiere their new album, Red Carpet Massacre, over twelve nights this November. Massacre will be followed immediately at the Barrymore by the world premiere of David Mamet’s play November. Why do these eighties acts always want us to listen to their new material? [NYT]

Antonio Banderas and Morgan Freeman Crack the ‘Code’