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NBC Revives ‘American Gladiators’ and Hulk Hogan; ABC Revives … ‘Cupid’?

Photo: Getty Images (Hogan); Courtesy of ABC (Cupid)

We’ve taken great delight in the ongoing beef between NBC’s Ben Silverman and ABC’s Steve McPherson — so much so that we keep calling it an “ongoing beef” when really it’s “a single isolated incident that we keep harping on.” So we’re really sorry to see that ABC’s McPherson already seems to be waving the white flag of surrender. In the same week that NBC hires Hulk Freaking Hogan to host their revival of American Gladiators, the best ABC can do is to revive … Cupid?

The failed 1998 drama starring Jeremy Piven?

In a brand-new version that won’t even star Jeremy Piven?

Jeez, we bow to no one in our affection for Cupid creator Rob Thomas (who later went on to create Veronica Mars), but isn’t this a little … um … wimpy?

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NBC Revives ‘American Gladiators’ and Hulk Hogan; ABC Revives … ‘Cupid’?