Neil Young: Dirty, Old, and Manly

Photo: Getty Images

1. Neil Young, “Dirty Old Man”
Following “Southern Man” and “Old Man,” this new track completes Neil Young’s song trilogy about men who’ve made questionable life choices. [Stereogum]

2. Buck 65, “Watch the Bird”
If Tom Waits had been Canadian, a hip-hop fan, and sorta annoying, he’d probably be recording songs like this by now. [Get Weird]

3. Nick Lowe, “I Trained Her to Love Me” (live)
Rarely is misogyny this tuneful — or unsubtle! [Culture Bully]

4. Kanye West, “A Million and One Questions”
Kanye improves on Jay-Z track. Now if only he’d do the same with “Blue Magic” and Kingdom Come. [Nah Right]

5. Ted Leo, “That’s Entertainment” (live Jam cover)
Ted changes the words to reference New Jersey radio D.J.’s and podcasts. No, we don’t know why. [You Ain’t No Picasso]

Neil Young: Dirty, Old, and Manly