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Nicolas Cage Will Rein Himself In, Just This Once

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Cage Seeks The Vanished: Nicolas Cage will star in The Vanished, the Hollywood debut of acclaimed Palestinian filmmaker Hany Abu-Assad (Paradise Now), about a man who goes overseas to find his missing American-born Muslim son. Given the seriousness of the material, Cage will be restricted to two shouting binges and exactly three takes of looking at other characters with imploring bugeyes. [Variety]

Wayans to Churn Out More Crap: America grows more bored today as Damon Wayans returns to ABC to create and star in another family sitcom. [HR]

Joshua Tree Grows Back: For the twentieth anniversary of their album The Joshua Tree, U2 will reissue the album in several formats, with packages including CD, DVD, and even vinyl media options. Sadly, there will be no reissue commemorating the medium in which our old asses first experienced the album: crappy twice-dubbed cassette. [Billboard]

Lionsgate Gets Religion: Lionsgate will unite with Christian entertainment company Indelible Creative Group to acquire and distribute faith-based film and television programming that should nicely round out the studio’s Saw and Hostel franchises and Dane Cook sex comedies. [HR]

Spice Girls CD Sold Alongside Underwear: The Spice Girls will release their fifteen-song Greatest Hits album through Victoria’s Secret, starting with a kickoff concert at the lingerie line’s annual fashion show, broadcast on CBS in December. So if you run into anyone you know at a Victoria’s Secret, you can always just tell them you’re there for the Spice Girls album. You know, to avoid embarrassment. [NYT]

Nicolas Cage Will Rein Himself In, Just This Once