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OiNK Busted: The Internet Responds


To the record industry it was the scourge of the Internet, but to music fans the world around, OiNK was more beloved than ice cream and kittens combined. Now, hours after the BitTorrent site was shut down, the Internet responds:

The Official OiNK Memorial is giving round-the-clock news updates on all things OiNK. [Official OiNK Memorial]

“Where are people going now that OiNK is gone?” asks this thread on Metafilter. [Ask Metafilter]

Stereogum’s commenters are commiserating. [Stereogum]

This guy has a plan to get back at the British recording industry, though, sadly, we don’t understand a word of it. [For OiNK]

Rawkblog makes the correct case that OiNK was better designed, better stocked, and offered higher-quality MP3s than any of its legal, RIAA-sanctioned competition. [Rawkblog]

Idolator has video of the bust, along with a collection of some of the most ridiculous blog-comment reactions. (They’re just bitter because they lost their own OiNK accounts in April.) [Idolator]

OiNK Busted: The Internet Responds