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Paul Dergarabedian Is Aware of Halloween

Courtesy of IFC Films

We’ve laid off our pal Paul Dergarabedian for a while, mostly because we had exhausted Microsoft Word’s synonyms for “obvious.” But after the box-office consultant’s exciting appearances — wearing super-funky glasses! — on the brand-new Fox Business News, we got excited all over again about the hardest-working man working the easiest job in Hollywood. What would he have to say about the box-office success of 30 Days of Night, the Josh Hartnett–starring vampire flick which opened No. 1 this weekend with a weak $16 million take?

Paul D. does not disappoint! Upon getting a call from Bloomberg News’s Michael White, Paul cracked his knuckles, looked at the calendar, and spoke words of wisdom. “It’s perfect timing,” he said. “It’s getting close to Halloween and people are getting in the mood for that kind of film.”

Horror Film Tops Weekend Box Office [Bloomberg via Chicago Tribune]

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Paul Dergarabedian Is Aware of Halloween