Pete Doherty Doesn’t Understand Irony Either

Photo: Simon Sarin / Retna

1. Babyshambles, “The Lost Art of Murder”
This excellent ballad probably won’t help Pete Doherty’s case now that he’s under possible investigation for murder, but we like it anyway. [Planeta Pop Radio]

2. Foo Fighters, “Band on the Run”
Dave Grohl and friends turn in a not bad version of the Wings classic. [Fuel Friends]

3. Kanye West, “Stronger” (original version)
The demo for Kanye’s current single is exactly the same as the version you know, but with worse lyrics. [Nah Right]

4. Sondre Lerche feat. Regina Spektor, “Hell No”
Our third favorite Norwegian (after Roald Dahl and Liv Ullmann) collaborates with our first favorite Moscow-born anti-folk pianist. [Yellow Stereo]

5. Radiohead, “Killer Cars”
On this Bends b-side, Thom Yorke combines his fear of automobiles with his love of power chords with typically great results. [Snowing in My Room]

Pete Doherty Doesn’t Understand Irony Either