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Radiohead Done Bucking the System

Photo: De Rosa / Starface / Retna

Radiohead No Longer Labelless: Radiohead signs with XL Recordings for distribution outside of North America when the physical version of In Rainbows is released. Their North American deal is not yet set, but could be with Dave Matthews’s ATO imprint. We eagerly await the joint tour! [Pitchfork]

Great Pumpkin Scares Up Viewers: Cavemen takes another hit, as ABC’s showing of It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown improves on the sitcom’s ratings by more than 50 percent. Save Cavemen! [Variety]

Bob Saget Straighter Than Ever: According to Michael Riedel, Bob Saget is playing the role of Man in Chair — which he’s recently taken over in Broadway’s The Drowsy Chaperone — so non-gay that the cast is calling him Man In La-Z-Boy. Oh, and some crap about Donald Trump. [NYP]

Larry McMurtry Throws Weight Behind No Country: The Oscar-nominated screenwriter and novelist writes an ode to the Coen brothers’ No Country For Old Men in Newsweek, supposedly at his own behest. [Newsweek]

NBC Offers Lower Third of Screen to Advertisers: Not content to merely make meta-jokes about product placement on 30 Rock that also conveniently pitch GE and Snapple, NBC lets American Gangster use the bottom third of the screen in the middle of a Heroes episode. [AdRants]

Radiohead Done Bucking the System