Rick Ross and R. Kelly Can’t Drive 55

Traffic safety? Not that important. Presorting your laundry? Essential.Photo: Getty Images

1. Rick Ross feat. R. Kelly, “Speedin’”
Pop music’s two most responsible role models set the record straight: It is cool to ignore posted speed limits. [Discobelle]

2. Ryan Adams, “Down in a Hole” (Alice in Chains cover)
Adams turns in a serviceable version of Layne Staley’s best-ever song about holes. [Aquarium Drunkard]

3. Spice Girls, “Headline (Friendship Never Ends)”
Guess what else never ends. (Hint: It’s this 30-second sample of the Spice Girls’ new single!) [YouTube]

4. Sondre Lerche, “To Be Surprised”
Unless you were expecting something different than pleasant, melodic Swede rock, you probably won’t be surprised at all by this MP3. [Music Slut]

5. Kate Nash, “Fluorescent Adolescent” (Arctic Monkeys cover)
This year’s MySpace sensation covers 2005’s MySpace sensation, excellently. [Brugo]

Rick Ross and R. Kelly Can’t Drive 55