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Ryan Gosling Left ‘The Lovely Bones’ Because He Was Too Fat?

Ryan Gosling on October 3.Photo: Getty Images

According to the L.A. Times and Nikki Finke, Ryan Gosling left The Lovely Bones on Friday, just before shooting was scheduled to begin, because Peter Jackson thought he had gained too much weight for the role. (Apparently, Gosling had been gaining weight and growing a beard to age himself for the role, which in the screenplay is about ten years older than Gosling’s actual age.)

Could this possibly be true? And could it really be the case, as the Times claims, that Jackson objected to Gosling’s lack of “movie star allure”? This seems crazy, as Ryan Gosling is totally hot, extra pounds or no. The photo at left was taken on October 3, just fifteen days before Gosling left The Lovely Bones. Sure, he’s a little tubbier than when he played a smack addict, but he’s not exactly grossly obese.

How much weight could anyone gain in fifteen days? We think like no more than 10 percent of your body weight. So let’s say Ryan Gosling managed to add another 10 percent of his weight in fifteen days — what did he look like the day his employment on The Lovely Bones ended?

At left, you’ll see Ryan Gosling, but 10 percent wider. Um … nope, still hot!

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Ryan Gosling Left ‘The Lovely Bones’ Because He Was Too Fat?