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Scorsese, DiCaprio Follow in the Afflecks’ Footsteps

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Marty and Leo Grab Lehane: The Dennis Lehane film frenzy continues; following Ben and Casey Affleck’s pairing on Gone Baby Gone, Martin Scorsese will direct Shutter Island, an adaptation of Lehane’s fifties-set novel, and Leonardo DiCaprio will star. It is now clear that Martin Scorsese needs Leonardo DiCaprio the way Fellini needed Mastoianni, or John Woo needs two guys pointing guns at each other. [Variety]

Jay-Z to Tour: Jay-Z plans a brief tour in support of his most recent comeback album American Gangster, hitting L.A., Chicago, and Baltimore in early November. After the Baltimore show, Jay-Z will announce his retirement from touring, then will continue to shows in Philadelphia and New York. [Billboard]

Wu-Tang Date Bumped: The RZA moves the new Wu-Tang Clan album, 8 Diagrams, back a week to December 11 in order to accommodate the release of Ghostface Killah’s Big Dough Rehab. Beef averted, alas, but there’s still hope once it becomes clear that the Ghostface record is way better than the Wu-Tang. [Pitchfork]

Stiles Hears the Cry: Julia Stiles replaces Sarah Polley in BBC Films’ Patricia Highsmith adaptation Cry of the Owl, about a woman who falls in love with her stalker. Paddy Considine co-stars as the stalker, and Scott Speedman appears as that hunk from Felicity. [HR]

Oldham to Cover Kelly, Björk: Will Oldham’s next album as Bonnie “Prince” Billy will consist of nine covers, including Björk’s “I’ve Seen It All,” R. Kelly’s “The World’s Greatest,” and someone’s (maybe Mary J. Blige’s?) “My Life.” This item is too awesome to make fun of. [Pitchfork]

Scorsese, DiCaprio Follow in the Afflecks’ Footsteps