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Steven Spielberg Buys the Silence of Movie Bloggers

Photo: (boy), Courtesy of LucasFilm (Indiana)

On Tuesday, a small group of movie bloggers from sites like Joblo, IGN, CHUD,, Latino Review, Ain’t It Cool News, IESB, and Slash Film were invited to the set of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull for lunch (“chicken, roasted red pepper, basil over penne with a tomato basil sauce,” in case you were wondering) and a brief Q&A session with director Steven Spielberg, all to say thanks for not running the stolen pictures that surely would have prevented the film from having any chance at box-office success. It sounds like it was truly a magical day (“[S]eeing Harrison Ford in person as Indiana Jones at a ham carving table was something I will absolutely never forget,” reports Joblo), and everyone was sent home with posters, personally autographed by Spielberg.

But what’s shocking to us is all eight of these sites were apparently offered the stolen set pictures, and nobody ran them! Shameful! Not one brave blogger on the entire Internet can be trusted to spoil Indiana Jones 4? What do we even have a blogosphere for anyway? Someone send us a script — we’ll post it! We certainly don’t intend to wait seven more months to find out how this movie ends.

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Steven Spielberg Buys the Silence of Movie Bloggers