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‘Sweeney Todd’ Trailer: Like ‘Edward Scissorhands’ With Singing

Courtesy of Paramount

The Tagline: “This is the tale of an ordinary man who had everything until a man of power stole his freedom, destroyed his family, and banished him for life. And in his sorrow, a new man was born.”

The Translation: Apparently Johnny Depp sings now.

The Verdict: We’re officially excited. Admittedly, Vulture’s biased since we love everything Depp and Tim Burton have ever done together (even Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, mostly), but still we wondered, Can they actually pull off a musical? (Corpse Bride doesn’t count.) If something had gone wrong, Sweeney Todd might’ve come off like Sleepy Hollow crossed with Viva Laughlin, but happily that doesn’t appear to be the case. Todd still looks dark, twisted, and creepy, even though Borat is in it (as Depp’s nemesis Signor Adolfo Pirelli). Very nice!

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street trailer [Yahoo]

‘Sweeney Todd’ Trailer: Like ‘Edward Scissorhands’ With Singing