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Sylvester Stallone Actually Somewhat Intelligible on the Telephone

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Rambo the New Snakes on a Plane: Upset about blog-commenter acrimony over the title of the new Rambo movie, Sylvester Stallone called Ain’t It Cool News’ Harry Knowles and says he’ll change it from Rambo: To Hell and Back back to John Rambo. [AICN]

Paul D. Hits the Big Time: Vulture buddy Paul Dergarabedian is now the host of his very own Fox News segment, Box Office Scorecard, on which he will likely captivate viewers with his unmatched ability to make completely obvious statements. [Daily Intel]

Don’t Look for Nas’s Greatest Hits at Wal-Mart: Nas’s upcoming contractually obligated best-of album will be called N*gga — news which must surely delight the heads at Columbia Records who get to promote the thing. [Billboard]

No, Really: Pitchfork’s rating of Radiohead’s In Rainbows is up to you. Very clever, guys. [Pitchfork]

Adam Brody to Play Wonder Woman? George Miller, director of the imminent Justice League movie, is auditioning several young (read cheap) actors for roles in the ensemble superhero film. Scheduled to do screen tests: Adam Brody, Joseph Cross, D.J. Cotrona, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead. [HR]

Sylvester Stallone Actually Somewhat Intelligible on the Telephone