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The ‘Post’ Hops on the Philip Roth Critical Band-wang-on

Photo: Beowulf Sheehan / PEN American Center / Retna

Last week we praised Sam Anderson’s phallocentric review of Philip Roth’s Exit Ghost in New York, and asked, “Who will follow Sam Anderson’s lead? Who will devote the most inches to Zuckerman’s wang?”

Well, our question has been answered, and needless to say, the answer is the New York Post. This weekend’s Post review of Exit Ghost, by Michael Weiss, sports the outstanding headline “IT’S TIME HE ASKED HIS DOCTOR ABOUT LEVITRA: After a Career of Shocking Tales, Roth Can’t Get It Up Anymore.” In the piece, Weiss grumps that he sure hopes this is the final Zuckerman book, but worries about a future sequel called The Viagra Apocrypha. Game, set, match, New York Post.

It’s Time He Asked His Doctor About Levitra [NYP]
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The ‘Post’ Hops on the Philip Roth Critical Band-wang-on