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‘TV Guide’ Spoils ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ for Every Fan in America?

Courtesy of TV Guide

So remember yesterday, when we complained about TV Guide’s current cover, which totally spoils a plot twist on Grey’s Anatomy? Apparently the magazine wasn’t satisfied to spoil it for only those Grey’s fans who go grocery shopping and might see the magazine in the checkout line; they actually bought ad time on this week’s episode to spoil it for everyone!

That’s right, TV Guide aired an ad during this week’s episode that spoils next week’s episode. Thankfully, no one watches commercials anymore, but if you’ve DVR-ed Grey’s, and if despite TV Guide’s best efforts you haven’t yet seen the cover, be very careful fast-forwarding through the commercial break at the 40-minute mark; the final commercial before the show restarts is the offending ad.

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‘TV Guide’ Spoils ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ for Every Fan in America?