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Vince Vaughn Is the Smartest Actor in Hollywood

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“A lot of actors are like, ‘Yeah, I do my stunts.’ I don’t do any of my stuff. I like to have a stunt guy do my stuff. So, Joe will go and fall on his head and then we’ll do some kind of high five thing or something, and then I will lie on the ground and get up.” —Vince Vaughn [Starpulse]

“After I died, when I got home I went straight to my answering machine and changed my message. I said, ‘Hey, it’s Nikki. I’m not here because I’m dead.’ Then I shot up again.” —Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx on his drug overdose and subsequent shenanigans [Guardian]

“When I heard [Jay-Z] may make another album, I was like, ‘You need to let me executive-produce that album! Even Ali had a coach. Jordan had a coach. That’s what I do best!’” —P. Diddy finally admits he should only make other people’s music [EW]

“I’ve told [him] that he was an asshole basically for doing that. And so have many other people.” —David Cronenberg, unhappy that Paul Haggis also used the name Crash as a film title [NYP]

“It’s going to be kind of on the tone of The English Patient, but with horribly frightening realistic dinosaurs.” —Will Ferrell on his new film, a remake of Land of the Lost [Coming Soon]

Vince Vaughn Is the Smartest Actor in Hollywood