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Vulture Gets Blurbed in New ‘Kid Nation’ Commercial!

We were watching CBS last night (as our way of saying thanks for pulling the trigger on Viva Laughlin), and we caught one of the network’s new promos for Kid Nation (see above). Obviously this is the greatest thing ever. But then we realized that we’d never actually called Kid Nation “the best reality show of all time.” Sure, we’ve said it’s “the greatest reality show of all time,” but there’s a huge difference. Also, Vulture is not (technically) New York Magazine. Still, we’ll take it! And if the CBS promotions department ever needs any more hyperbolic praise of Kid Nation, we’ve culled from our archives some of our more ridiculous acclaim.

“The fall TV season’s most anticipated child-abuse-based reality show!”New York Magazine’s Vulture blog

“Bleach-ingestingly excellent!”New York Magazine’s Vulture blog

“The awesomest, most child-abusingest reality program ever!”New York Magazine’s Vulture blog

Kid Nation: Surely conceived by the smartest angels in the most beautiful part of heaven!”New York Magazine’s Vulture blog

Vulture Gets Blurbed in New ‘Kid Nation’ Commercial!