We Are All Bob Dylan: Dr. Seuss Is Bob Dylan

In I’m Not There, Todd Haynes imagines seven different versions of Bob Dylan. Some people say that’s six too many. We say Haynes is lazy. As any Google search will easily prove, seven barely scratches the surface. Herewith, Dylan No. 8: Dr. Seuss Dylan.

Earlier this year, whiny impersonator Kevin Bryan released a six-track download album, Dylan Hears a Who, in the idiom of mid-sixties Dylan (per I’m Not There, the Cate Blanchett Dylan). It was an immediate Web hit — and a perfect fit: from the playfully inscrutable verses and the forced rhymes to their shared subculture fame and more-than-slightly hallucinogenic imaginations. The suits were not happy. “At the request of Dr. Seuss Enterprises, L.P.,” the site is now kaput. But, thankfully, YouTube has resurrected a few of the tracks. In Dylan’s hands, “Green Eggs & Ham” (above) is a call to political revolt, while Bob’s cover of “The Zax” (hear it after the jump!) is one of his weird and woolly beatnik-folkie backwoods mash-ups. Enjoy. —Logan Hill

Tangled Up in Seuss [Salon]

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We Are All Bob Dylan: Dr. Seuss Is Bob Dylan